At CAC, we are committed to being both missional and incarnational in how we approach outreach. By missional we mean that we are willing to go out to where the need is to be met. By incarnational, we mean that when we go, what we primarily offer is the hope that is found in Christ Jesus!

The following questions (and our answers to those questions) shape the focus of our outreach:

 A. Who do we long to reach? (Luke 4:18-19)
     1. The poor- physically and relationally/spiritually needy
     2. The prisoners- literally and relationally/spiritually
     3. The blind- have lost perspective or never had it spiritually and emotionally
     4. The oppressed- marginalized and overwhelmed

 B. Where do we go to minister? (Acts 1:8)
     1. Jerusalem- geographically close and culturally close
     2. Judea- geographically far and culturally close
     3. Samaria- geographically close and culturally far
     4. The World- geographically far and culturally far

C. How do we reach out? (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8, II Timothy 2:2)
     1. Prayerfully Preaching the gospel- the good news
     2. Prayerfully Making disciples- spiritual formation
     3. Prayerfully relying on the power of the Holy Spirit
     4. Prayerfully releasing disciples to make disciples- leadership development

D. Why do we reach out? (John 3:16; Matthew 23:37-40; Matthew 5:16; Revelation 7:9-10)
     1. We have experienced the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus
     2. We want others to experience that love overflowing through us
     3. To the glory of God
     4. And the re-establishment of His Kingdom (The garden-city)

E. By what means do we reach out?
     1. Engaging the spiritual battle through all kinds of prayer
     2. Being the light of Christ where we live, work, and play
     3. Joining with missional partnerships and projects
     4. Developing missional communities and events

F. What is our Local Community Focus (where we find the poor, the prisoner, the blind, and the oppressed spiritually)?
     1. Schools and school settings
     2. Correctional Facilities
     3. "Relief" agencies
     4. Church and Community Events/Projects

When it comes to specific outreach at CAC, we are involved in outreach events, outreach projects, missional partnerships, and missional communities.

Outreach events include events offered at our campus intended for the community.
Outreach projects can be local, regional, or global but are very specific and usually for a specific period of time.

Missional partnerships are connections we have with other ministries, locally, regionally, and globally in which we provide prayer, financial, and volunteer support.

Missional communities are ministries for which CAC has taken the lead in terms of being the light of Christ and others then join with us in partnership.

Though outreach is always expanding or redirecting, the following summarizes are outreach ministries:


Outreach Events

1.  Ladies Advent Breakfast (December)
2.  Ash Wednesday Community Gathering
3.  Beulah on the Road Summer Day Camp
4.  Preschool VBS
5.  Christmas in July
6.  Couples Night Out (Spring)
7.  IMA Easter Sunrise Service
8.  Good Friday Gathering
9.  It's a Girl Thing
10. IMA Joy in the Park
11. Kid's Kingdom Fest (Fall)
12. MLK Celebration @ TV 39
13. Mission Festivals (one each quarter)
14. Thanksgiving Eve Community Gathering
15. IMA Thanksgiving Community Dinner
16. Christmas @ Cornerstone

Outreach Projects

1. Great Commission Women's Project
2. Angel Tree Ministry to Families of Prisoners (Christmas)
3. Operation Christmas Child (Fall)
4. Racial Reconciliation Ministry
5. Easter Reflection Stations (Spring)

Missional Partnerships

1.  Beulah Beach Camp
2.  Bible Study Fellowship (Women)
3.  CAMA Relief Services
4.  Child Evangelism Fellowship
5.  Cuba Church Planting
6.  Gideons Ministry
7.  Great Commission Fund of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
8.  Adopt a School: Hayes Elementary
9.  Immigration Alliance/ Refugee Ministry
10. Juvenile Justice Center
11. Leapin' Ministries
12. Love INC
13. Hospital in West Africa
14. Marion Correctional Institution
15. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
16. One Plus God
17. Persecuted Church Adoption
18. Royal Family Kids Camp
19. Thai Bible Church
20. Welcome Center- Tunisia
21. Voice of Hope
22. Young Life Marion

Missional Communities

1. Alliance Men Ministries
2. Alliance Women Ministries
3. The County Jail Initiative
4. Envision Cleveland: Massey
5. CAC Food Pantry
6. Greenhouse Environment (yet to be launched)
7. Adopt a School: The Tomorrow Center

Presently we have an outreach team composed of point persons for these some 50 outreach areas. This team meets the fourth Wednesday of each month to provide updates, share feedback on big picture initiatives, and pray! If you would like to be a part of this team, contact Pastor Tim at imthankful124@yahoo.com.

Looking back on 2016, well over 6,000 people were positively impacted by these ministries; and many people came to Christ or grew in Christ! Looking ahead to 2017, racial reconciliation, refugee ministry, and adopting a persecuted church are new to our radar as we wrestle with the Lord's leading. There are times it feels as if we have "bitten off more than we can chew" with regard to reaching out. But we will continue to move forward as the Lord opens doors, fully believing it is His mission and we are simply joining Him in it!

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 9:37 that the harvest truly is plentiful but the needed workers are not so plentiful! May we do more than just pray for workers, may we be the hands and feet of Jesus where we live work and play! And may we be a catalyst for ministry around the block and around the world, delighted that we can measure our success by our sending capacity not our seating capacity!