In Numbers 8:23-26, we find an interesting template for the chapters of life. The passage (which specifically addressed the Old Testament priesthood) suggests that the first third of life is a time of preparation. The middle third of life is hands on ministry. But the final stage of life is designed to be a time of pouring back into those who are living in stages one and two! In other words, when we become seniors, life is as much about "retreading" as it is about "retiring"! Hopefully, it's a time of convergence, where the gifts God has developed in our lives over a lifetime can now be used to assist others in taking the lead.

The following reflects some of the ministries that though they are not exclusively for seniors, especially have seniors in mind:

• Two available growth groups that meet at 10:30 AM (during our second worship gathering).

• Our 9:00 AM worship gathering.

• Our Sunday night Bible Study that meets at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall at the church.

• One of our Sunday night growth groups, led by Pastor Dave and Linda Hamrick that meets at their home.

• One of our Wednesday night prayer groups that focus on praying through our weekly prayer needs, globally and locally.

A seniors group under the leadership of Gary and Joanie Warner is also beginning afresh in the spring of 2017. The group activities will consist of bimonthly breakfasts or lunches, quarterly outings, and service projects in the community. If interested in knowing more, please contact Gary at 740.802.1356.

It is also our desire to see seniors at CAC potentially available to connect with and/or mentor youth and younger adults. The more we mature in faith, the more we reflect the fruit of the Spirit in our lives…so hopefully our example is just what younger people need to see and experience. If this interests you, contact our youth pastor, Derrick Smith at 740.972.2072.

Getting old isn't for sissies! But it is an opportunity to give back, pour back, enjoy rich fellowship, and make a difference! So let' hear it for seniors committed to being the light of Christ where they live, work, and play!