The key theme of the past year would have to be Blue Prints.  We have talked about how each of us came through our families and we learned a blue print about how our families worked.  Then we get married and we attempt to build a ďhouseĒ (that is our home life together) but we have never talked to see if our blue prints are similar or different.  Our emphasis this past year as a group has been to encourage each couple to talk about the blue print from their family growing up and work out a blue print of their own, for their family now.

Our focus has been on the issues around marriage and applying our redemption in Christ to our relationships.  The first part of the year we had discussion around various topics related to marriage and also around parenting (because that does relate to how our marital relationship works).  I did some discussions around how we communicate in marriage and what hinders communication.  I also led discussions around issues such as time management, roles in the relationship and forgiveness.

            I wanted to give the Growth Group some structure for the second half of the year so we studied the book, His Needs, Her Needs, by Willard Harley.  The design of the book is to help couples understand each otherís individual needs and how we work together as a couple to meet each otherís needs.  The book was very well received by the group and everyone participated.

            Future Plans: we are starting a study talking about how to handle finances as a Christian couple.  This may be a key area of conflict if the couple has not worked out their blue print.  We will be using material from Crown Ministries.

            Our numbers continue to remain consistent.  We have had high attendance around 33, with our average attendance around 25.  All together we are ministering to 20 couples in our fellowship.  I praise God for what He has done in our group.  These people genuinely want to make their relationships Biblically solid and consistently honoring to God. 

            There is great pressure on marriage today from many sources.  Pray for the couples of our fellowship, that they will continue to apply Godís Word to their lives and their marriages in a consistent way.



Sam Wolfe