Generate A Source That Provides You Conversions Steadily Through Facebook Marketing

Facebook has 2.8 billion active users every month. It is one of the largest social media platforms where audiences connect with business owners as well. Live streaming, video ads, testimonies, lead generating ads, Facebook allows you to promote your business and its product lines through so many formats.

However, it is also easy to lose an ad budget very easily when people who are not interested in your service or products click on your ads just because it was visible in their news feeds. This is why you must target your audience very strategically to eliminate budget loss on wasted impressions.

If you are not sure that you will be able to correctly segment your target audience, you can always partner with a FaceBook advertising Melbourne agency. Professionals from Australian Internet Marketing have in-depth knowledge in creating an effective Facebook ad campaign to help your business in Melbourne grow to new heights and apply various strategies to help you get a good ROI.

Why should we use Facebook as a platform to promote paid ads?

Not every marketing channel is right for everyone. Some will perform better on Google search results while others will perform better on social media platforms. You need to keep testing different platforms to know which one is giving you results. Facebook as a marketing channel is apt in the following scenarios:

  1. If you are looking for low-friction conversions:
  •         It is easy to get people to sign-up on your website or receive newsletters.
  •         However, if someone is seeing your ad for the first time, you cannot expect them to purchase by following your ad.
  •         Therefore, if you are immediately expecting an increase in ROI, you are in for failure.
  •         Instead, if you are looking for simple sign-ups, subscriptions to newsletters, and filling up a lead form, you can get successful with Facebook advertisements.
  •         This is because these are low-friction activities that people don’t mind doing if your ad has captured their attention.
  1. If you are looking to offer smaller purchases over time:
  •         To make bigger purchases on Facebook, people need to have a lot of trust in your brand.
  •         However, if you are new to online marketing, chances are no one will be willing to make a purchase.
  •         Focus on building trust and sell smaller value services and products. This will eventually add up to your sales in time and provide you revenue.
  •         Another important thing that you will earn is a loyal customer who will most likely stick.
  1. If you are looking to create brand awareness:
  •         If sales and revenue generation is not your immediate target and you want to focus on creating a brand image or promote an event, Facebook advertisement is the right platform for you.

5 Types of Facebook ads that drive maximum results

  • Experience ads:
  •         These are very fast-loading full-screen ads and provide instant mobile content.
  •         They are called canvas ads and allow you to merge video ad format with other formats such as carousel ads.
  • Video ads:
  •         This is the most commonly used ad format on Facebook and uses filmed videos, GIFs, and animation to promote business product lines and services.
  •         These ads also have a broader placement than most other ads.
  • Lead ads:
  •         These are mobile-only ads that allow people to fill in simple forms that do not require typing efforts.
  •         When you are looking for leads to promote a trial product or you want people to sign up for your newsletter, these ads are perfect for you.
  • Messenger ads:
  •         You have to manually choose the ad placement as Messenger to create a messenger ad.
  •         Your messenger ad will also have a click-to-messenger button that targets users to interact with your business by following this call-to-action button.
  • Augmented reality ads:
  •         These ads are created by using animations or filters like trying on sunglasses or a lipstick shade virtually.
  •         People can even use these filters to click selfies which they can then use to post on their social media profiles.
  •         It is the best way to maximize your audience’s reach.

We live in a more dynamic world and the traditional ways of advertising a business using text and image ads work no more. The technological advancements have allowed even small business owners to create ads that flow around a story which can provoke a sentiment in the minds of their audience.

Choosing the right ad format, selecting the right target audience, and choosing a practical and achievable objection for your ad campaign on Facebook can skyrocket your success on this platform.


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