Best Way To Align Your Office Chair For Comfort & Ergonomics

An office is a place where you spend a lion’s share of your life. An office must not be viewed merely as a building, it is a vivacious organism with multiple systems working in confluence. The employees from the heart of an office. This makes the well being of employees a very crucial factor for the proper working of an office.

The well-being of an employee, for one, is affected by the furniture they use. While buying furniture for the office, it is very important to keep comfort in mind. One of the best places to buy comfortable furniture in Australia isĀ Ideal Office Furniture. They are a team of experts who are dedicated to the work that they do.

They have been in the business for many years and this has given them the required experience to get a hint of what the customer wants. Not only will you get the best quality furniture, but you will also get it at the most reasonable costs because they have strained hard to build delivery stations in all major cities of Australia and this cuts the cost of the product.

Why is ergonomics important

No two individuals are the same. Everyone is different with a different taste of comfort. Ergonomic furniture like chairs allows the employee to adjust the height, the backrest, etc according to their comfort. This makes working a lot easy and comfortable. Here is a list of reasons why ergonomics in furniture is important:

1- Posture support- after long working hours of sitting, your sitting posture is at great risk of being stooped. Normal chairs are a dearth of ergonomic factors which will inevitably lead to you leaning forward and distort your posture. This will also have rippling effects in future by causing back pains.

2- Greater productivity- when an employee is comfortable, he is at his peak of productivity. Studies have revealed that ergonomic chairs boost the productivity of employees.

3- Reduced pain- lower back and neck take the toll of long-term sitting. This can be avoided by using an ergonomic chair with neck support that is adjustable and back support for your lower spine.

How to adjust office chair for comfort?

The seat can be adjusted at multiple fronts. The height back depth, tilt tension, armrest, all of these can be adjusted. To ensure that the chair is perfectly aligned for you, make sure that when you sit, your feet are firm on the ground and the legs form a perfect 90-degree angle with the ground. The height of the chair can be adjusted with the lever.

The back support is important for the lumbar region. This takes off a lot of stress from the back. You must match the lumbar support of the back in alignment with the curve of your back for maximum comfort and best posture. This will take some trial and error, but you will get there.


The right posture is very important to prevent future maladies. A wrong posture can lead to severe back pain, stooped humpback, shoulder pain, etc. This will also harm the productivity of the company at large.



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