9 tips for handling your golf cart

The first rule of cart golf is to not play it. Seriously.

You shouldn’t drive your car unless the course demands it. It’s like playing soccer with a Seaway. Or something. Ride the bumper cars if you want to drive a buggy. Choose only that Carts and Parts that Fit your Lifestyle

Let’s not forget that it is too late. These are 9 ways to make amends for your mistake.

  1. Keep up the pace

Ready golf is better than cart golf. Be prepared, just like a Boy Scout. Always have a few clubs with you when you go to check on a lie or distance. Don’t be a spectator seated. If your partner plays a shot, and you watched it from the cart, you are out of position and playing too slowly

  1. Take care

You don’t have to play fast to be a good player. Take care when driving on steep slopes or in sharp turns. You can do everything else easily.

  1. Pay attention to the signs

Messages such as “no carts” or “90-degrees only”, mean exactly what you think they mean and are usually posted for a reason. Sometimes, they indicate that it is dangerous to drive there. It is more often than it means that the turf is in danger. Tee boxes are not allowed. Do not use bunker edges.

  1. Help a partner out

Although there is a driver and passenger, those roles aren’t fixed. Switch seats to pull the cart if your passenger needs to go ahead and play a game. You don’t want to be the one who does all the driving. You don’t need to be on your third Bloody.

  1. Keep away from the Line of Fire

It is unlikely that a golf ball will strike you. But slim isn’t any. Do not make injury more likely than necessary.

  1. Park Smart

Course design is a complex process. From the layout of cart paths around greens to how they are laid out, there is a lot of thought involved. It is often indicated that the best place to park is in the middle of the road. Even if it isn’t, the location can be quite commonsensical. Although it’s not a major gesture, it helps to keep the play going.

  1. Do not throw away the place

Empty cans and cups. Napkins. Candy wrappers. Candy wrappers. Keep your cup holders clean and all wells clear around you.

  1. Avoid parking in the middle of the Path

This is Cart Etiquette 101. When parking your chariot, pull to the side so that carts coming from the opposite direction have enough room to pass.

  1. Reduce the Brusharoos and Quick-Starts

You can start the quick-start by agitating your partner by pushing the accelerator as soon as they are settling into their seats. Brusharoo refers to driving so close to the edge that your partner is subjected to a beating from branches and leaves. They are both funny until someone loses their eye. Or their temper.


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