How to Choose the Right Material in Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters combine timeless appeal with a simple design. They are very popular in homes of all architectural styles. There are many options on the market for plantation shutters, from PVC to natural wood. They are stylish and protect from heat, light, and other elements. Plantation Shutters, Perth’s premier supplier for custom plantation shutters as well as shading solutions is frequently asked what material is the best for longevity, insulation, and aesthetics. We will be presenting the most common plantation shutter materials so you can choose the right solution for your Perth home.


Aluminum is light and strong, making it a versatile material for plantation shutters. Aluminum plantation shutters are resistant to rust and can withstand the elements indoors as well as outdoors without cracking, warping, fading, or bending. They can be powder-coated in almost any color, including silver, black, and luxurious satin finishes. Aluminum can be swathed slightly wider, making it more useful for larger openings. It is also a stylish material that compliments both new and old homes.


PVC is strong and durable and can withstand moisture and humidity. This makes it a great choice for areas that are wet, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. PVC plantation shutters are excellent insulation and will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer during winter. PVC has a minimalist, clean look that will suit any decor. However, PVC can be colored in a variety of colors.


Premium Basswood is a strong, durable timber that is ideal for people who love the look and feel of natural timber. Basswood is more affordable than other hardwoods like Maple, Oak, and Western Red Cedar. It also has a higher quality than timbers .Basswood has fine pores, a uniform texture, and an indistinct pattern. This allows it to be sanded, painted, or stained to achieve a consistent and high-quality finish.

Which Insulation Product is best?

All materials offer insulation, regardless of the material they are made from. PVC and aluminum will have better thermal properties than timber shutters. PVC and aluminum trap heat and sunlight, so the room’s temperature stays stable.

Which one is best for a contemporary home?

Modern homes prefer aluminum or PVC plantation shutters because of their sleek lines and modern appearance. Aluminum is a versatile material that can be used in both traditional and modern home designs. Plantation shutters Perth make a great addition to warm interiors. We recommend timber to clients who desire the natural timber feel and look at smart outdoors. PVC and inner aluminum are more durable options than white and come with a 25-year warranty.

Reputable Australian Company Offers Plantation Shutters

There are many Australian plantation shutter suppliers and manufacturers. You can also find options at different price points. It’s easy for people to get lost. You want to work with a company that is known for its high quality workmanship and that can answer any questions you may have. Smart outdoor shutter can help you choose the right shutter for you, whether you’re looking for an aesthetic option or one that maintains your home’s temperature.



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