Are You Interested to Know How You Can Properly Clean IQOS 3?

It is critical to clean your IQOS on a regular basis if you want to get the most out of HEETS. Cleaning properly might also help with your charging concerns.

The red indicator light flashes when a fault occurs. Even IQOS, like any other technological device, has issues sometimes. Resetting your charger or just restarting the holder can help with some of the issues.

You can buy IQOS 3 Duo online from the website of Heated Products after making your selection.

How to clean your IQOS 3 properly

The updated version of such cleaner, which comes in the box with IQOS 3 and also IQOS 3 DUO, is the best tool for cleaning. Also, spin the heating cover twice from the bottom, where dirt collects and frequently hinders a smooth click on your holder.

With a toothpick, gently scrape baked-on dirt settled on the root of your heating blade, which has got a direct impact on the cartridge overheating during operation. Always be careful not to force the foil from its side, as it may easily break.

Alcohol sticks can be used to finish the general cleaning. The first bundle was located in your sales package, the second can be purchased in better newsagents, IQOS stores, and the e-shop. Also, you can use narrow ear sticks of children soaked in pure vodka or alcohol to replace them.

When cleaning by using sticks, don’t bother about your heating blade, soon it will get dirty again. Instead, freely circle the heaters inside with the rod, which you may do from the outside as well. Don’t miss the cap from beneath and especially the inside, where you will insert HEETS cartridges.

Do not follow grandma’s advice or that of insane experimenters; vinegar, technical gasoline, or any other similar chemicals will destroy the blade’s delicate metal-coated surface.

The routine cleaning is now complete. However, you may be dissatisfied with the heater’s charging reliability, it may not start charging normally or flash red at times.

How can you clean IQOS 3 while not charging/flashing red

If the holder frequently is not charging properly or your charger flashes rapidly or red lights appear after you insert the holder, then you need not immediately complain about the gadget. Perhaps appropriate cleaning would assist.

If your holder does not fit tight enough into the charger and also does not charge, simply turn it slightly. If this occurs frequently, it is recommended that the magnetic contact present at the holder’s bottom and within the charger be cleaned.

Cleaning the holder will be simple – thoroughly clean the golden contact with an alcohol stick, particularly inside the connection, where human sweat collects from the palm after smoking.

But it might not be sufficient, the charger has the same issue. Remove your side door cover to reveal a square hole where the contacts can be accessed.

Remove the charger out of the sunken tobacco, then clean the bottom of your charger with an alcohol stick through a hole. Pay special attention to the section of the tip that goes into its holder. The contacts in the area must be spotless gold.


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