Few Things That You Must Know About Electric Car Chargers before Buying

Understanding how electric vehicles charge (and how to charge them) is a crucial component of ownership, whether you are thinking about getting an EV, anticipating delivery, or already driving one.

In this post, we will discuss a few basic things that a prospective owner of an electric car should know. You should also be aware of a company called Jucer, which can supply you with all your required parts and accessories needed for your electric car. You may also need a Type 1-2 Adpater, which we will discuss shortly.

How your home car charging will work?

A simple EV charger is quite a straightforward gadget. Its task is to only “ask” the car to accept any charge, if it can, to supply power to your car securely until instructed to stop. The bare minimal functionality is this.

The EV charger cannot deliver power to your vehicle faster than the vehicle is requesting it, but if yours is intelligent, it may choose to reduce the charge speed based on certain circumstances, such as:

  • The actual time of day
  • Electricity rates
  • Surplus generation of solar energy
  • A certain remote command from the local electricity network
  • The charge status of your home battery

Type-1 EV charging 

​This works better with smaller battery sizes or when there is more time to charge. People who drive more than 40 km per day may benefit from type-1 charging at their work as a complement or even as a replacement if they are unable to charge at their home. Only those who travel less than 4000 kilometres per year are advised to select this charger.

Type-2 EV charging

Your car is directly wired into the electrical system using a particular plug and socket as well as a separate circuit.

This will be the most typical type for public and residential billing. A different range of charging rates is possible with Type 2, reaching a maximum of 19.2 kilowatts, or roughly 70 miles of range per hour.

Because type 2 charging uses higher voltage and amperage, it is completed considerably more quickly. To handle the extra heat and electrons they produce, however, more durable equipment and wiring are needed.

The installation of a Type 2 charging station is advised at home by all manufacturers. Although type 2 EVSE charging equipment can be more expensive to purchase, there are more benefits. There are time savings and convenience gains.

Type-3 EV charging

​DC type 3 deployment is the most expensive since it necessitates extensive panel and service improvements.

Typically, 10 minutes of charging results in a 70km range. In general, you won’t need as much electricity for your regular commute as these stations do, which is more than your home uses. For operators of gas stations, highways, street-side charging, fleet vehicles, and for some commercial users, Type 3 DC is fast charging.

For a stand-alone station that is not networked with other stations, the cost of a DC Charge station starts at $25,000 and rises to $60,000 for a sophisticated, networked station. Multiple-unit buyers are eligible for volume discounts.


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